High Gloss Cabinetry


A premium high gloss edging with an elegant mirror high gloss look, achieved through a high gloss lacquered finish.

The key features of the PROGLOSS that sets it above other brands is its excellent scratch / impact resistance and easy processing.
PROGLOSS is produced with a protective foil to enable hassle free manufacturing which is easily removed once processed. This saves any potential costly errors that mark the surface during manufacture. PROGLOSS is suitable to use with both Gloss and Acrylic gloss panels, please refer to our availability guide for more info.


A high quality matte edging which creates a rich modern luxe feel to any interior finishing’s when mixed with natural surfaces like wood and brick.

Easy to clean, resistant to fingerprints, grease, scuff marks & scratches are just some of the hugely desirable design features of the recently introduced Acrylic matte panels to hit the market. PROMATT - Matte Black edging from Hutchco has been designed to pair with matte black acrylic panels from top NZ panel suppliers. See our availability guide for more information.


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