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Tekton is the brand name of Hutchco's wood veneer edging. Hutchco has supplied Tekton to New Zealand Kitchen and Furniture manufacturers since 1986. New manufacturing processes in the furniture industry demand new veneer edgings, continuous rolls of multi-layered 2mm thick edge has therefore become the standard.

Our German supplier has driven the development of continuous thick veneer edgebanding considerably forward. Today Hutchco can offer highly flexible veneer thick edge that can be utilised on a variety of edgebanders for straight line and curved edgebanding including exceptionally tight and difficult radius.

Tekton wood veneer edging brings a host of options to you for elegant design giving your furniture components an attractive and impactful design.

Why is tekton to popular?
  • High quality veneer for constant quality and colour.
  • A higher feed rate on edgebanding machines is possible therefore increasing production time.
  • The continuous Tekton rolls reduces waste and increases savings in comparison to standard 2mm clashing strips.
  • Pre-sanded front face requires fine sanding prior to finishing.
  • 40grit pre-sanded reverse face & primed with a binding agent.
  • Solid adhesion is achieved with all available hot melt adhesives.
tekton Wood Veneer Edging range

If you require anything outside our standard range please enquire, other species and widths available on request.

  • Roll: 50LM & 100LM (Lineal Meters)
  • Thick: 2mm & 0.6mm
  • Wide: 22mm, 29mm, 35mm, 45mm & 60mm/65mm* 
multiplex beech*Tekton MultiplexBeech
multiplex Birch*Tekton MultipleBirch
American CherryTektonAmericancherry
American MapleTektonAmericanMaple
American WalnutTektonAmericanWalnut
 White AshTektonEuropeanWhiteAsh
White Oak*TektonAmericanOak
Anigre/ENGLISH TAWATektonAnigreNZTawa
SAPELE MAHOGANYTektonSapeleMahogany
European BeechTektonEuroBeech



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