TEKTON Multiplex Edging

Tekton multiplex wood veneer edging is produced in Germany on coiled rolls of flexible multi-layered veneer leaf. The incredibly durable construction with finger jointed middle layers ensures the highest possible flexibility for straight line & curved edgebanding.

Recommended for use with UV resistant lacquers.

  • Pre-sanded front face (180 grit)
  • Pre-sanded back face (40 grit)
  • Pre-primed with biding agent
  • Custom sizing available on request

MDF & particle boards obtain a high end look when pairing with Tekton natural wood veneer.

Tekton Multiplex Beech

 Multiplex Beech

Tekton Multiplex Birch

 Multiplex Birch

pre-finished MULTIPLEX birch veneer 

With all the same benefits of un-finished Tekton veneer edging Hutchco's new pre-finished veneer range begins with our most popular multiplex variety.

  • Pre-filled & pre-lacquered front face.
  • Good chemical consistency and durable finish.
  • Low VOC lacquering system.
  • Pre-primed with biding agent.
  • Pre-cut sizes of 22mm, 29mm & 45mm.
  • 3-layer construction with good clarity.

Multiplex Prefinished


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