Tekton Wood Veneer: White Oak Edging


Tekton multi-layered veneer edging is a transformative, cost-effective alternative to clashing strips. White oak veneer edging is available in various thicknesses and sizes up to 85mm wide. Whether you’re crafting cabinets, furniture pieces, stunning floating shelves, or tackling commercial projects, our options from the Tekton range have you covered. 0.6mm Veneer Edging: The Flexible Friend […]

Multiplex Plywood edgings

Multiplex Plywood edgings, Tekton-Multiplex Birch Prefinished Veneer Edging

As cabinet and furniture manufacturers, you know the impact that materials can have on your creations. Limiting your clients’ options of colours and woodgrains is not in your nature. Enter Multiplex edgings—transformative and cost-effective options for broadening your offerings when the qualities of melamine pressed plywood don’t hit the mark. Imagine having a vast array […]